The beautiful and elegant Begonia Maculata is one of top selling plants.  These are sold in your choice of red, beige or grey pot and are a perfect gift item.  Let us know if your plant is a gift, and we can gift wrap it and send it with a gift tag for no additional cost.

Begonia Maculata or ‘Angel Wing begonia’ is a highly sought after, relatively easy to grow plant.  The spotted, winged leaves grow on cane stems that are somewhat like bamboo.  This one of the easiest and fastest growing begonia species and is also very easy to propagate.  They can grow quite large, tall and full over time if properly cared for.  You may also choose to trim back your Maculata from time to time to control it’s growth and take cuttings.

As with most begonias, it is important not to expose the plant to too much light, as direct sunlight can burn the leaves.  They enjoy bright indirect light, but can tolerate a little less light if needed.
Maculata can be a little sensitive to over and under watering and like the soil to be kept slightly moist.   It is important not to let the soil completely dry, and not to overwater the plant or let the plant sit in a tray of standing water.  Don’t worry, we will provide a care sheet to remind you how to best take care of your Maculata.

Angel Wing Begonia Maculata in red, beige or grey pot

pot color
  • Light

    Bright indirect light.  Will tolerate a little less light (medium+)


    Approximately 2 times per week

  • small:  12cm diameter pot