This is our favorite local Alocasia Polly hybrid, and is ready to join your collection.  


We obtained this Alocasia Polly hybrid some time ago from a small, local grower.  These plants have stunning V shaped leaves shape on long, almost vertical stems. A truly stunning conversation piece for any interior. 


This variety is slightly smaller and more green colored than the Alocasia Amazonica, but grows more quickly and easily than the somewhat 'sensitive' Amazonica.  


Alocasia Polly

  • Light

    Medium to bright indirect light.  Does not like strong, direct sun.


    When the top 5 cm of the soil is dry, about once every 1-2 weeks.  Somewhat sensitive to over and underwatering.


    The Alocasia Amazonica and Polly hybrids are both somewhat slow growing, and often lose a leaf and stem when new shoots are produced.  Consistent care and attention to proper watering is required.  These plants do not need to be watered often, they just seem a little more sensitive than other plants when they are either a little too wet or a little too dry.  Make sure they get adequate light.  You don't have to be an advanced grower to have success with these plants, but it is not recommended for novices or 'black thumbs'.

  • Large:  16cm diameter nursery pot in our premium tropical potting mix.  

    Plant for sale is 50cm+ tall including the pot