We hope you are as excited to add one of these amazing variegated alocasia 'elephant ears' plants to your collection as we were.  


This is one of the easiest and fastest growing variegated species.  Prefers a warm and humid environment and medium to bright indirect interior light, or partial shade outdoors.  These are very showy plants that grow quite large (1-1.5m+).


Variegation varies on each leaf but is quite prominent overall.  It is not uncommon to see leaves that are 50%+ white.  Occasionally these plants may produce pure white leaves, although these often die off fairly quickly as they lack chlorophyll.  Whiie each plant is unique, the photo was a real plant for sale in our store and is representative of the type of variegation you can expect.  These plants are very easy to care for, but by keeping it in medium indirect light indoors, or partial shade outdoors, you will tend to achieve the best leaf size and variegation.


Variegated plants are hot right now, and this one is will sell out.  Don't say we didn't warn you.


Due to the popularity of this plant, we have a limit of 2 plants per order.

Alocasia Macrorrhizos Variegata

  • Light

    Medium to bright indirect light indoors.  Partial shade outdoors.  A little less light seems to be better than too much, and promotes better leaf size and variegation.


    Allow the soil to dry out between waterings.  Depending on your conditions this may be as little as once a week, but plants grown in more light, heat or that are larger will often require more freqent watering.  Underwatering causes browning leaf tips, and overwatering will lead to yellowing leaves and stems that become mushy.


    Half strength time release fertilizer every 3 months will help promote larger size.  If you want it to grow bigger, repot whenever it is getting rootbound to avoid stalling it's growth.



    Medium:  20cm diameter pot.  Approximately 70cm tall including the pot.