The Alocasia 'Baroque Sword' is a striking species not commonly seen in the local market.  Originally discovered in the South Pacific, the long serrated leaves and purple and green spotted stems make these plants very popular with aroid collectors.  These plants grow very well in pots and can grow to very large sizes. 


We are currently offering two sizes, medium (60 cm tall with 30cm long leaves) and large (1m tall with 50cm long leaves), both of which are large enough to make a statement in your collection.  These plants grow to a maximum of about 1.3m tall.


Baroque Sword grows well in a variety of light conditions but does best in bright indirect light where the soil is kept slightly moist.  They enjoy high humidity.

Alocasia Lauterbachiana 'Baroque Sword'

SKU: alocasialauterbachiana
  • Light

    Bright indirect light


    Keep the soil slightly moist when the plant is actively growing, watering about 2 times per week.  Reduce watering if the plant is going through a dormant period.


  • Medium:  14cm diameter nursery pot, approximately 60cm tall with 30cm long leaves

    Large:  17cm diameter nursery pot, approximately 1m tall with 50cm long leaves



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