This highly collectible species is prized for it's copper-metallic iridescent, unusually shaped leaves that have purple undersides.  One of the plants that always gets a reaction from visitors to our store.


A slow growing plant that is native to Borneo and quite rare in the wild, the Alocasia Cuprea can grow to approximately 1 metre high and 0.8 metres wide.  Enjoys the tropical climate and does well on a patio as well as indoors as a potted houseplant.

Alocasia Cuprea

SKU: alocup
  • Light

    Medium to bright indirect light.  Avoid direct sun.


    About once a week.  Allow the first several cm of soil to dry between watering, but do let the soil completely dry out.  


    Lightly once a month (1/2 strength).

  • Medium - 12-15 cm diameter nursery pot with our premium tropical potting soil mix

    comes with 3 or more leaves, with the larger leaves measuring 15-20cm+ in length



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