Green Shield Alocasia is an easy to grow aroid originally from the Phillipines.  These plants love our humid, tropical environment and are much easier to grow than the similarly shaped Alocasia Cuprea, making them a popular choice with collectors.  The leaves are thick and have a leather texture, and sit on thin, somewhat long stems.  It has a deep green color in the leaf veins, and lighter green elsewhere.  



Alocasia Clypeolata (Alocasia Green Shield)

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  • Light

    Filtered medium to bright indirect light indoors.  Medium or partial shade outdoors on the patio.  


    Keep the soli evenly moist and do not let it dry out.  Water about 2 times per week


    Will grow much more quickly when fertilzed regularly.  Use a good quality time release granular fertilizer for best results.

  • Large:  18 cm diameter nursery pot with our premium tropical potting mix

    The plants for sale are relatively large for this species.

    Plants are approximately 50cm tall including the pot, and have 4-5 stems.  The longer leaves are 20-25cm+ in length.

    Pottery and crochet basket in photos are not included