We currently offer two Alocasia 'African Mask' varieties, both of which are best sellers in our store.  Until recently we have only been selling smaller versions of this fantastic collector plant, but we are now thrilled to offer these BIG plants (over 60cm tall!) through the mail anywhere in Costa Rica. 


These Alocasia Amozonica have very dark green almost black leaves that are dramatically shaped in the classic triangular 'mask'.  Both the color and V shape of the leaves are very dramatic and unique, which is why they are sought after by collectors throughout the world.


Alocasia amazonica require fairly standard plant care, but are not as forgiving as many other alocasias if they are unhappy with their location, watering or light conditions.  They also grow a little more slowly than Alocasia Poly and put out fewer shoots, but the leaves tend to be larger, darker, and more geometrically V shaped.  Place them in medium to bright indirect light indoors, and to be careful not to over or underwater them.  It is common for amazonicas to lose an old leaf as new shoots emerge, and for the plant to grow slowly.  It is for this reason that we recommend getting a larger plant, as growing them to this size can take some time.  


You won't find this in the hardware store.  A must for every plant collection.

Alocasia Amazonica

  • Light

    Medium to bright indirect light.  


    When the first 5-8 cm of water are dry, about once every 1-2 weeks.  These plants are a little sensitive to over and underwatering, so be a little extra careful when watering.


  • large:  18 cm diameter nursery pot with our custom blend of premium tropical potting mix

    Plants are approximately 60 cm tall and have 3 or more shoots/leaves



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