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Aglaonema pictum tricolor are very popular and rare houseplants due to their amazing camouflage leaf pattern.  They grow very slowly so demand is always higher than se the supply of these special plants.  


We have been growing this latest batch of ‘Camo’ plants for several months now in our premium quality potting soil mix, using every trick we know to get them to grow as quickly and healthily as possible.  The resulting plants are still somewhat compact, but still taller with larger leaves than what you will typically see if you are lucky enough to find these plants for sale locally.  

This type of Chinese Evergreen is relatively easy to grow in our tropical environment, it just takes patience.  It enjoys hot and humid temperatures and does very well in medium indirect light to partial shade.  


Due to high demand we are limiting orders to one per customer 


Aglaonema Pictum 'Tricolor'

  • Light

    Medium interior light to partial shade.  Enjoys hot, humid environments


    When the first several centimetres of the soil dries out, about once a week


    Lightly about once a month to promote faster growth  

  • medium:  14 cm nursery pots with our premium quality potting mix