What's in a name?

Some of you might have wondered, why revolution in our name? Well,

our name came to us as we brainstormed for ideas that represented the store concept, our brand, and our love for plants.

We knew we wanted to have a plant based business, but we didn’t want to be a typical vivero. We wanted to revolutionize the way people collect and care for plants in Costa Rica.

Firstly, we wanted to create a modern and lively space that would draw people in. A creative space that would exemplify the potential in plant and home design and showcase fine locally-sourced handmade works of ceramic, wood, textiles and art. We wanted to create a space where the customers would feel the difference in the air quality because of the plants. A place of whimsy and inspiration where something magical stands at every corner and on every shelf. A place where they could find the perfect plant for their home, or a unique gift. We wanted to create a relaxed and quaint environment that encouraged dialogue between our staff members and our customers, where customers could come in and have a chat about plants, or just about anything!

Secondly, we wanted to share our knowledge about plant care, and plant design. This is how we came about with our workshops. Every month we offer various workshops for plant enthusiasts and macrame crafters. This enables us to connect with community members, and provide a fun way to introduce people to design, crafting and gardening. Check out the link for upcoming workshops here.

Thirdly, we didn’t want people to simply buy a plant and walk away. We wanted to ensure that our customers would get a suitable plant for them. We always take the time to speak to our customers, get to know them and their needs and find them a plant that will thrive and bring happiness to their environment. We want to change the way people see plants. We want our customers to grow a relationship with their plants, learning how to properly care for them and be rewarded with long-living healthy and beautiful plants. We want to turn every black thumb into a green one and get customers happily on their way to growing their plant collection.

Interested in building your own plant collection? Join our Plant of the Month Club here.

And there you have it! Our story of how we are slowly revolutionizing plant culture in paradise!

Happy planting!

The Plant Revolution Team

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