Wedding Backdrop Rentals

Love is in the air this February! We are thrilled to be offering our new line of macrame wedding backdrop rentals by Sparrow & Whale Macrame. These exquisitely handmade backdrops are absolutely gorgeous and are sure to create an unforgettable setting for your wedding or event.

We currently have two styles to choose from; TUDOR and MARAKESH.

Our macrame maker, Lyndsay, tells us her inspiration for Tudor came from architectural features she came across in her travels, particularly archways and windows in gothic churches. As for Marakesh, Lyndsay says her inspiration came from her love of bohemian and North African style. Tassels and fringe are some of her favourite accents for macrame!

For inquiries regarding wedding rentals, please contact us directly at or drop into the shop and speak with our sales staff about our event services.

We also invite you to take a look at Sparrow & Whale Macrame's facebook page here.

With love,

The Plant Revolution Team


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