RICHARD'S PLANT CARE TIPS: How To Pick The Right Plant

How to pick the right plant

We have hundreds of plants in the Plant Revolution store, so probably the most common questions we face are from customers looking for help choosing the right plant. The good news is that in most cases it is easy to find a manageable list of choices that are suitable for your lifestyle and location. Just follow along with these guidelines, and you should be on your way to planting some happiness.

The best plants are the healthiest plants.

Whatever your taste in plants, the best plants are always very healthy plants, and this requires that the plant’s needs for light, water, temperature, humidity, etc. are met. This can only be achieved by matching the appropriate plant with a compatible location that ensures the best possible conditions for your plant. Virtually every guideline below will be based on this main rule.

There is a big difference between a plant that is surviving and one that is thriving. Just because your plant can survive in your low light bathroom, you will often find the same plant will be truly amazing when placed in a room that better suits it’s needs. Aim for lush, thriving, beautiful plants and you will be much happier with the results.

Choose either the type of plant(s) that interests you,


the location you want to put the plant.

If you know what plant you want, review the plant’s light, water, humidity and temperature requirements and choose a location that best suits these needs. If a plant does best in high light conditions, resist the temptation to justify putting it in a lower light location. This might sound obvious, but it’s surprising how often plants fail to impress because they are placed in a spot that does not get the right light, water, humidity, etc.

On the other hand, if you know where you want to put your next plant, do a similar review of the conditions in that location. Choose a plant that does best in the type of light, humidity, and temperature that this location provides.

Often the worst results come when someone insists that they MUST have a specific plant, and that it MUST be placed in a specific location in their home. That can be fine if your plant likes the conditions in this location, but often this is just not the case. If you want a truly beautiful plant, be willing to find a plant and location that are the most compatible.

Choose a plant that suits your lifestyle and level of experience ?

Be honest with yourself. Are you completely new to plants ? Do you have a history of killing plants ? Do you travel for extended periods ? How much time do you have to look after your plants ?

Look for plants that suit your lifestyle. There is a lot of information online about ‘easy care’ plants, so do a little research or come into our store and we will be happy to provide suggestions. Resist the temptation to get the latest cool, exotic plant that is all the rage on Pinterest and that requires a lot of care and knowledge to take care of.

Start with the classics

Many new plant owners feel the need to get some exotic, odd plant because it looks cool on Pinterest, or because none of their friends have it. Often, people resist choosing a classic houseplant because they think it is ‘boring’. It’s almost always a good idea to start with one or more of the classic houseplant varieties before trying out stranger, more exotic, higher care plants.

Most classic houseplants are popular for the reasons listed previously in this article: they are usually easy to care for, adapt well to a wide variety of interior locations, and are beautiful given the right conditions. There is almost certainly a wide variety of classic houseplants that will be a good match for you.

There are numerous factors involved in picking the right plant, but start with these 4 guidelines and you will be well on your way to success.

Plant some Happiness !

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