Richard's Plant Care Tips: caring for your staghorn fern

Rainy season has started and all our epiphytic plants are loving it! We just added a new series of mounted staghorn ferns and Christmas cactus in the store and it has created a lot of interest and inquiries about how to maintain mounted plants. For all of those who asked, here is our plant care guide for mounted staghorn ferns.

Mounted staghorn fern care


If placed indoors, your staghorn fern will enjoy a spot with as much natural light from a window as possible. South or west facing windows are ideal, although in our store we have not had any issues with plants 2 metres away from an East facing window that receives 5 hours of morning light.

If placed outdoors, your staghorn fern will enjoy a location with good filtered light. A covered or partially covered patio location that protects your plant from the direct elements but provides good filtered light is ideal.


Spray the leaves 1-2 times a week outdoors, or 2-3 times a week indoors. Fully water about once every 7-10 days, when the plant feels dry. You can tell if it is dry by feeling the surface of the soil in the burlap pocket, as well as by feeling the weight of the plant. When it is dry it will feel very light.

To fully water, take down your staghorn fern and place in a sink to catch water run off. Slowly pour a stream of water into the pocket a little at a time, allowing the water to be absorbed into the soil medium. Once water is flowing through and out the bottom of the burlap pocket, allow the plant to drip dry and hang it up again.


A light fertilizer can be applied every month or so if desired to help promote more vigorous plant growth.

Remounting your staghorn

Your staghorn can be repotted or remounted if it outgrows it’s current mount. Usually a staghorn can live for 2+ years on it’s original mount. If you need help or advice on what to do once your staghorn has outgrown it’s current mount, contact us. Your staghorn can live for many years and can grow quite large over time.

If you have any questions, let us know.

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