Plant of the Month: Alocasia Cuprea

Jewel Alocasia, Mirror Plant, Tortuga

Our Plant of the Month for March is the highly collectable, Alocasia Cuprea, also known as jewel alocasia, for it's stunning coppery-metallic foliage.

It is native to Borneo and is a slow growing plant that can grow to 1 meter tall and 0.8m wide.

The Alocasia Cuprea's leaves are deep green and purple coloured with ribs in bright metallic copper.

It is highly prized by plant collectors and is quite rare in the wild. It likes tropical climates but can do quite well as an indoor plant. Keep the soil moist but avoid overwatering. Use a well-draining potting mix and fertilize with a diluted solution during the most active growth period.

Alocasia Cuprea will be happy in bright to medium indirect light. .Avoid direct sunlight.

Toxic to pets.

Alocasia Cuprea Fun Facts

- The Alocasia Cuprea was a popular houseplant for collectors in the 1800's.

- The iridescent metallic shine of the leaves causes many people to believe that this plant is made of plastic.

- often referred to as an alien plant due it's unusual pattern and shine.

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