Plant of the Month: Alocasia Amazonica/Polly

This month’s plants of the month are the Alocasia Amazonica and Poly, more commonly called the ‘African Mask’ or ‘Cara de Mula’. These classic houseplants have instantly recognizable, large and dramatic dark coloured V shaped leaves with contrasting light coloured veins. A true ‘must have’ that belongs in every serious houseplant collection. Besides being a very attractive plant for your home décor, these Alocasias are very fun and relatively easy to grow.

Plant Revolution is currently offering two ‘African Mask/Cara de Mula’ varieties, both of which are highly recommended.

Alocasia Amazonica tends to grow taller and has the bigger leaves of the two varieties. Mature potted plants can reach 60-80cm tall with 40-60cm long leaves. Leaf colors range from deep green to a darker, almost black color. While the leaves are taller and bigger than Alocasia Poly, the Amazonica variety will typically put out shoots less often and will not have as many leaves.

Alocasia Polly is similar to the Amazonica but is slightly smaller and shorter (up to 50cm tall), with deep green leaves. It is more robust, easier and faster growing plant, so although it is shorter than the Amazonica it will tend to have more leaves and to send out new shoots more often.

The Alocasia Amazonica and Polly have similar care requirements and are relatively easy to grow. The plants enjoy a location with medium to bright indirect light. Outdoors they do well in semi shade but cannot tolerate intense direct sun. Water when the soil has dried, about once every 1-2 weeks.

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