Meet Our Team Member: Richard

This month, we are pleased to be interviewing our main plant guy and co-owner of Plant Revolution, Richard.

He is always working hard to ensure that our customers receive the best and healthiest plants possible. He loves to share his passion for plants with his monthly plant care articles and his gardening workshops. You can often find Richard repotting plants at the back of the shop, always ready to answer your plant related questions. Read on and get to know our wonderful plant guy.

Hi Richard. Thanks for joining us today. We know you are THE main plant guy at Plant Revolution. What are some of your other roles in the business?

Richard: Our brand is all about innovation and offering new and unique products to our customers, so a lot of my focus is on sourcing new and interesting products that aren't readily available in the marketplace. The search for new and interesting plant species never ends and involves countless phone calls, messages, and road trips to locations that are 'off the beaten path'. I am also always working on finding the types of specialty gardening products, workshops, and information that our customers are asking for.

A lot of my focus is on web store,, which was launched in May and offers shipping throughout Costa Rica. We put in a lot of work figuring out the ideal way to package and ship plants. While we are still learning and improving our processes, I'm thrilled to say that so far every customer has received their plants in good condition.

And of course, as with any small business there is a lot of the 'boring' stuff. I do a lot of the administrative side of the business like taxes, payroll, permits, etc.

What drove you to open a plant boutique in Jaco?

Richard: I am very passionate about plants and had a very large collection of plants in our home that was slowly taking over our living spaces. Lyndsay is an artist and has always been creating textile art, paintings, furniture, etc.. We love living in Jaco and wanted to start a business here and so the idea of Plant Revolution was born.

What are your favourite plants and why?

Richard: I love the jungle vibe and the idea of creating that type of atmosphere indoors. I'm inspired a lot by our local environment. Right at the moment my favourite plant would be a giant monstera deliciosa indoors on a moss pole (I'm fortunate enough to have a few!). I love epiphytic plants like staghorns, rhipsalis, epiphyllum, as well as just about any type of cactus.

What are your top plant picks for beginner gardeners?

Richard: Easy to grow plants that tolerate some abuse, but still grow quickly enough to make it interesting. Monsteras, philodendron pink princess, and Oxalis triangularis are all great choices.

We know you love to surf! Tell us your best surf memory.

Richard: Probably surfing with a pod of dolphins in El Salvador. It was only myself and a young local kid in the lineup and the dolphins were playfully swimming all around us for quite a while. I have too many awesome memories of surfing with Lyndsay to pick just one.

We heard that you are also an amazing musician and played in a band for several years. Tell us a bit about that please.

Richard: I am and will always be a drummer at heart. I have been in several bands, but the most serious was in a band called 'Puddy'. We were fortunate enough to be able to record several albums and performed in hundreds of live shows in several tours. It was really awesome experience and I was incredibly lucky to be part of it. The 25th anniversary of our first 'real' studio album"Sweetspot" is coming up, so we are currently in the process of planning a reunion album and tour (stay tuned !)

We were told you love to travel. Share with us your favourite destination and what you would recommend to do there.

Richard: Lyndsay, Sparrow and I have been lucky enough to get to travel and live in several countries and climates. After years spent living in several cities in Canada, Costa Rica and Europe we decided to move back to Jaco because it had been our favourite. So I guess my favourite locations are Jaco and Esterillos Oeste.

Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself with us. We hope to hear some of your music soon.

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