Meet Our Team Member: Lyndsay

We decided for each following month to introduce you to one of our team members and/or affiliates who make our small business happen!

This month, we would like you to meet our very own macrame artist and shop co-owner, Lyndsay, of Sparrow & Whale Macramé. Not only does she create all the beautiful macramé that we have at the shop, she also runs our social media accounts, website, marketing, and store design. Lyndsay also hosts a variety of amazingly fun and creative macramé workshops every month. She recently sat down with us to let us in on her inspiration for her art, her love of plants and living la pura vida!

How did you get into macramé?

Lyndsay: "I began to do macrame seriously over 2 1/2 years ago. I have over 18 years of experience working in textiles. I studied furniture design and textile design at Sheridan College School of Crafts and Design, back in Canada. From there, I learned about all sorts of wonderful textile art and techniques such as weaving, embroidery, sewing, screen printing and shibori dying. I am also a self-taught knitter and I used to make and sell bespoke crochet and knitted dog sweaters. I also taught myself hand-quilting. Everyone in my family owns a quilt I handmade for them! When I discovered macramé, it seemed like a natural fit for me since I was already well skilled in the craft of knotting. Once I saw all the beautiful macramé creations out there, I immediately fell in love with this technique and decided to teach myself how to do it. It quickly became my obsession! haha"

What is your inspiration for your work?

Lyndsay:" I am really inspired by my environment. I live on an incredible tropical beach, so the colours of the sea are a great inspiration to me. I also own a plant shop, and am constantly surrounded by beautiful flowers and foliage! For my larger pieces, I prefer to let my ideas guide me with the design. I don't usually make a pattern before I start a new project. I like to let the inspiration flow out of me and create something that is unique and from my heart. "

Why did you chose the name Sparrow & Whale for your macrame brand?

Lyndsay: "Sparrow is my 18 year old poodle. He is my muse, and my side kick in life. The Whale is representative of my love for the water and the ocean. I'm also a freediver, and I feel a deep connection to marine life. 'Sparrow & Whale' is actually the name of my art brand, as I also paint and do digital art. 'Sparrow & Whale Macramé' is an offshoot of that."

Besides being the shop's macramé maker, what other roles do you play with the plant business?

Lyndsay: "I'm kind of the brand manager, you could say! I do all our stock photos, as well as our social media and marketing. I'm also in charge of the website and the general look of the store and store products (excluding the plants). I'm also in charge of heading up the monthly workshops that we host at the store and sometimes off-site."

What is your favourite thing about running a plant shop?

Lyndsay: "Probably my favourite thing about working at the plant shop is that I get to work in this really beautiful space filled with plants with awesome people and I am able to bring my dog to work with me! Sparrow is very old, so every moment I have with him is cherished. We have a really great team at the shop with Richard, Kate and Sparrow. We all work hard and really get along, which is wonderful! I also love that the plant shop has allowed my macramé brand to grow and this in turn, allows my creativity to expand."

Other than working, what else do you love to do in Jaco?

Lyndsay: "Well, when I have the time and I'm not coming down with whatever illness is floating around, I love to run, surf and hike. Jaco is amazing for these activities. I love to be in nature and get away from human noise. I like discovering new trails, and photographing bugs and birds! When I'm homebound, I enjoy learning new techniques to create art and craft products for the store".

Do you have anything lined up for August?

Lyndsay:" Yes! Actually I have an amazing workshop booked for Sat, Aug 17th at Hermosa Palms in Hermosa. This is going to be a super fun beach macrame workshop and luncheon where we will make a lovely macrame wall plant hanger! Check out our site for all the info!"

Thanks Lyndsay for a lovely interview!

You can see her beautiful macrame work at Plant Revolution in Jaco. You can also buy some of her work directly on the online shop.

Follow her on instagram @sparrow_n_whale_macrame and on facebook @sparrownwhalemacrame

The Plant Revolution Team

Check out some of Lyndsay's work below!

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