Meet our Team Member: Kate

This month we are super stoked to be interviewing our fabulous team member, Kate.

Kate is such an important part of Plant Revolution and we want you all to meet this fantastic plant lady!


Hi Kate! Thanks for doing this interview. Let's start by having you tell us a bit about yourself.

Kate: Well I'm 27 years old and I'm from Cartago, but moved to Jacó 2 years ago. I was trying to escape the stress of city life and I really liked living at the beach. I enjoy life here in a very different way than I am used to.

I love plants, cats, art and reggae culture. I joined the Plant Revolution team in February and I can't explain how happy I feel being part of this family. I love working in this nice place full of beautiful plants, good vibes and wonderful people.

They call you the Kokedama Queen over at Plant Revolution. Tell us a bit about kokedamas and what you love most about teaching kokedama workshops.

Kate: When I made my first kokedama, I was very nervous to try something I had never done before but then I was surprised at how well they all turned out. Like almost everything, it takes practise and interest, as well as putting your love into your craft to make it better and better.

My boss, Richard, taught me to make kokedamas and gave me some tips to improve them and then I got the opportunity to teach the workshops, which makes me very happy! What I like the most about teaching is seeing the happy faces on people once they have finished making a beautiful kokedama. I know in the beginning, it can be a bit difficult and even frustrating to get it right, but I like to encourage my students to keep going and prove that they can do it! That is something we need to remember everyday. Don't surrender to frustration. Believe that with patience and perseverance, we can accomplish anything we want.

Do you have any tips you can share with us on how to create the perfect kokedama?

Kate: First of all, start with a positive mind! I think for me, the key to a good kokedama is the wrapping technique. I like to create a pattern with the string, which allows me to go all around the ball, tightening all the moss in a very efficient way and also avoids putting lots of string in only one place. It's also important to know the plant you are working with and selecting a plant that is suitable for a kokedama.

Asides from being a fantastic kokedama maker, you are also make beautiful handcrafted greeting cards. How did you get into art and what are some of your biggest inspirations for your cards?


I'm a big art lover! Since I was a child, I liked to watch documentaries and read about art and famous painters. It was a big inspiration in my life to start trying new things and develop my own ways of doing art, as I couldn't afford art lessons or university. I started creating cards for my family and friends only . Once I began working at Plant Revolution, they gave me the great opportunity to sell my products in the shop. I got really inspired by the plants! Of course much of my inspiration comes from my love of my cactus and my cats!

We also know you are a crazy plant lady. Can you tell us what got you interested in plants and also, what are your favourite plants?

Kate: I've been interested in plants my entire life. I remember my grandmother had plants, as did my mother. I recall my mother had many geraniums and dalias, which I loved. When I met my boyfriend, (who is also a plant guy), he got me more and more interested in plants and he started giving me cuttings of his plants. I began to grow my own plant collection in Cartago. One of the first cuttings he gave me was a Stapelia Gigantea and a huernia Schneideriana. These are some of my favourite plants and the ones I happen to be most interested in. I like all plants in general, but I'm currently collecting caladiums. I love them!

What plants would you recommend for novice gardeners?

Kate: For sure Garrobo, ZZ plant, Sensevierias and Pothos. Also peperomias (excluding clusiifolias and caperata). I wouldn't recommend flowering plants because they can be tricky, although anthuriums are nice flowering plants and are very easy to care for.

We heard you recently adopted a new cat! Tell us a bit more about your cat family!

Kate: Yes! I love cats!, I'm a crazy cat lady. I recently read that "Plant lady is the new cat lady", but no! haha I have both or nothing!

I've had cats since I was a child. I once had twelve cats! Ha ha Now I just have two, Nenufar and the new baby, "Heart", but I always want more!

Thank you for your time, Kate! We enjoyed chatting with you and good luck with the new kitty.

You can find Kate's wonderful handmade greeting cards at our shop and online!

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