March's Plant of The Month: Colocasia Black Magic

Our Plant of the Month for March is the enchanting and elegant Colocasia esculenta ‘Black Magic’ It’s no secret that we love black plants.  There is something seductive about deep, dark black and purple foliage that is unique in the collectible plant world.  We can’t think of a better example of a classic dark foliage plant than the Colocasia ‘Black Magic’.  It is one of our favorite dark foliage plant species and one that doesn’t get nearly as much attention from collectors as it should.  With a dark purple, lush, velvety appearance we are sure you will love this one as much as we do.

As with many dark foliage plants, ‘Black Magic’ prefer filtered sunlight or partial shade, making them a good choice for most interiors or patios.  They are quite easy to care for.  Protect the dark leaves from excessive sun and weather and keep on top of watering as these plants tend to be thirsty.  ‘Black Magic’ can grow very thick and full given time and the right conditions, reaching a maximum size of approximately 1.5m tall and wide.  They respond well to being fed regularly, so fertilize your plant when it is actively growing if you want to achieve the plant’s true potential. Black Magic is another colorful accent plant for your space, and provides a great background to show off other plants and décor items.  When several are grouped together, near solid block of dark colors i create and even more dramatic setting.

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