June Plant of the Month: Monstera Peru (Karstenianum)

We are HUGE monstera lovers, so it's with great pleasure that we introduce you to our pick for the plant of the month, the beautiful Monstera Peru.

This Monstera is highly prized for it's striking and unique foliage; deep dark emerald green leaves with an interesting rippled texture that some say resembles crocodile skin. The leaves are thick and have an almost waxy feel to them.

Monstera Peru is an hemi-epiphytic plant, meaning that it climbs trees in order to grow but is lighlty rooted into the soil.

The Monstera Peru is easy-to-care-for. We recommend watering it once or twice a week .

As with all monsteras, we highly recommend using a high quality soil mix with excelllent drainage.

This plant loves high humidity (Don't mistake this with over watering!!!) We recommend spraying the plant with water twice per week.

In order for your monstera to produce larger leaves, you will need to have it climbing on a pole of some sort. A moss pole will do just fine. You can also find our DYI Moss Pole Tutorial here.

We hope that you enjoy this month's plant choice! Happy planting!

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