Celebrating Our First Year In Business!

This month marks the 1 year anniversary of Plant Revolution Costa Rica. We are incredibly happy to have made it through the first year, which, as some of you may know, can be the hardest. Jaco has welcomed us with open arms and as such, our little shop has been continuously growing and evolving into a dreamy indoor jungle filled with amazing plants and beautifully crafted gifts.

Our Supervisor, Sparrow, last year when we opened!

With our celebration under way in just a couple of days, we take this time to reflect and share with you some of our best memories from over the past year.

When we first came up with the idea for the plant shop, we definitely knew we were taking a big risk. We weren't entirely sure if Jaco was exactly the best place for this type of business, but our love for this town and for plants was sewed, and slowly we watched our dream grow into a reality. I still remember those long days and nights building the displays for the shop with nothing more than a drill, and jigsaw and a sander. One piece of furniture at a time, the shop slowly started to look like a retail space. Then came the plants, which Richard carefully selected one by one. As we added handmade ceramics and macrame to the store, Plant Revolution really began to take shape. We were fortunate to find some amazing ceramists right from the get go, filling our shelves with handmade wares by Punto Negro Pottery and La Tombola Pottery. Today we still carry an extensive collection of beautifully handmade ceramic planters from La Tombola. She has even worked with us in creating our signature collection of planters, which are continuously available in various sizes .

handmade planter by La Tombola

I myself, began doing a lot more macrame to fill the walls at the shop. My love for creating is something I always wanted to share with others and so I introduced macrame workshops to the mix. Right from the start, I had a lot of interest in the workshops. I have been very fortunate to meet other crafters who share a passion for making. My workshops have been a great success and I currently schedule about 4 workshops per month. Richard has also created some plant related workshops, such as kokedamas and plants 101, which are a great way to get people's hands in the dirt, so-to-speak!

One of our first workshops, at PuddleFish Brewery! Lovely place, fantastic people! We love you!

We also could not have made it this far without a lot of help from our past and present team members, Ana, Geronimo, our dearly departed Andres, Noe, Vanessa and Kate. While most of them have come and gone, each one played an integral role in making our store what it is today. A great big THANKS is owed to each and every one of them.

Today we are very proud to have our team player and crazy plant- cat lady, Kate, as the face of our shop, always sharing her incredible knowledge and love of plants with every customer who walks into our doors. If you haven't met our fabulous Kate, you should! Kate is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to plants. She's particularly obsessed with Cactus and can drop all the scientific names in an instant!

Our current team member and crazy plant/cat lady, Kate!

One of the best ideas we came up with this year was our plant of the month club. I love the idea of featuring a special plant each month, sharing information on plant care and best of all, offering a great deal to our loyal customers. The best part of the Plant of the Month Club is that it allows everyone to grow their personal plant collection in a fun and exciting way with a new plant to discover each month. I can only imagine what some people's plant collections will look like by next year!

Our past employee, Noe, growing and epiphyllum from her head!

Another biggie for us this year, was setting up the website and online store. We didn't want to limit ourselves to Jaco and so we decided to offer our plants to the entire country. Yes! You read correctly! We ship all over Costa Rica! We've made it easier than ever for all plant lovers out there to get their hands on the latest and most beautiful plants that we carry! We also ship pottery and macrame WORLDWIDE! Haven't been to our online shop yet? Come visit at www.plantrevolutioncostarica.com

With one year under our hats, we look forward to the next year ahead, as we continue to paint the town green! We want to send a great big thanks to everyone who has supported us on this journey! Each and every one of you has helped our little seedling of a dream turn into a full bloom reality!

Big Hugs!


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