hemigraphis care.png

Bright to medium indirect sunlight

Luz indirecta media a brillante


Hemigraphis/ Metal leaf/ Red Ivy/Waffle plant

The hemigraphis plant is a cascading plant with purple and silver tints. It is native to Java and grows well indoors.  It is commonly displayed in hanging baskets or in a box arrangement overspilling the sides.   

Hemigraphis enjoy bright to medium indirect light.    Avoid direct sunlight as it bleaches out the colours of the leaves.

Keep soil evenly moist.  Water the plant once a week. Avoid overwatering which can cause root rot.  Hemigraphis enjoy high humidity, therefor it is advised to mist the plant on a regular basis and/or sit it on a tray of wet pebbles.

Use a well-draining soil for potting. Fertilize once a month using  liquid organic houseplant fertilizer.

Non-toxic to cats and dogs.