Cactus Coral.png
Coral Cactus/ Cactus Coral

The Coral cactus is in fact, not a cactus. It is two succulents joined together to form a beautiful "fan" shape. This fan is a  result from a rare mutation that exists in Euphorbia Lacteas. Often the "coral fan" of the plant is grafted onto another Euphorbia. 

Coral Cactus is relatively easy to care for.  It prefers full to indirect light.  It prefers temperate climate. 

Water only when the soil is completely dry all the way through. Wait for soil to dry out before watering again. 

Fertilize the coral cactus during growth periods, in Spring and in Fall, using a balanced plant fertilizer.  

Coral Cactus contains a poisonous sap that can  cause skin irritation and  sickness if ingested.   It has  small, hard spines that can cut open the skin.  Best to keep away from pets and small children.