Spider plant care.png
Spider Plant/ Mala Madre

Spider plants are some of the easiest to care for indoor plants as they adapt easily  to several growing conditions and can tolerate neglect. 


Spider plants like bright indirect light.  Water regularly but allow for the soil to dry out before  watering once again.  Use a well-draining soil to help prevent root rot.

Spider plants can be trimmed back occasionally. They don't require big pots and do not mind being somewhat root bound, You should only repot the spider plant  once it is so root bound that it becomes difficult to water the plant. 

Spider plants are easy to propagate.  Simply remove one of it's baby plantlets and pot it in soil and water it generously. Keep the plantlet covered with a  well ventilated plastic bag and place in a bright  area until the plantlet starts to develop roots, at which time the bag can be removed. 

Spider plants can get brown tips on the leaves. This is somewhat normal  and is due to salts and fluoride in the water.  To prevent this, make sure to water thoroughly allowing water to flush out the additional salts. You can  also water the spider plant using distilled water.